I have no ideas why many users suppose MacKeeper is cheating software, but I will give a very specific step by step how to manually uninstall and remove Mackeeper completely in the following article.

Remove Mackeeper completely

I have never used MacKeeper yet, but who feel free with the super expensive price for what they call “All in one”. At your choice, but if you want to try Mackeeper before deciding to pay for the license, look at our another topic: Free solution to get MacKeeper activated.

How to uninstall Mackeeper completely?

We suppose that using a normal ways such as using Launchpad or Uninstaller app to uninstall Mackeeper does not help to remove it completely. So, Follow our following steps.

Manually remove Mackeeper in OS X

1. Quit Mackeeper if it is running.
2. Press “Shift + Command + G” and paste this code: /Library/Application Support/MacKeeper

remove mackeeper

3. Find and delete the following files:

4. Access and open Keychain (Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain Access), delete all folder and files related to ‘MacKeeper’ and ‘zeobit’.
5. Open Activity Monitor, quite all process related to ‘MacKeeper, ‘zeobit’ and ’911 bundle’.

Manually delete mackeeper

6. Go to Applications and delete MacKeeper.app, then make sure to empty the Trash.
7. Go to System Preferences -> Users & Groups, choose Login Items. If you still see things related to Mackeeper, stick to choose them then click on ““.
8. Restart your Mac.
9. Press “Shift + Command + U” to open Disk Utility.
Open disk utility 10. Repair Disk Permissions
Repair Disk Permissions to completely remove Mackeeper Mackeeper now should be removed completely from your Mac OS X.