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How to remove and uninstall app and software in Mac OS X El Capitan? Look at our view on the top 5 best Free Uninstaller for Mac to remove applications in OS X with the corresponding download links of full versions.

It seems using Mac OS X is likely more simple than Window at least in uninstalling and removing software and apps uninstalling processes. In Mac OS X, Mac users just simply drop the apps into the frame of uninstalling apps. What are the Free Uninstaller for Mac? and how to remove apps in Mac OS X?

The top 5 best Free Uninstaller for Mac to remove applications in Mac OS X with the corresponding download links of full versions will be shared briefly.

1. AppZapper – the best free Uninstaller for OS X El Capitan

AppZapper best free uninstaller for Mac

AppZapper is a really strong quick app uninstaller. Mac users are able to actively uninstall virtually application easier than they way it had been installed before.

How to remove apps in Mac OS X with AppZapper

Remove applications with AppZapper

Mac users just do very nature actions of Mac OS X  – drag and drop. And then in further processes, AppZapper will find all the links and information related to the app that you want to remove. And then with one more click, taking about 1/10 sec, AppZapper will throw all into the trash.

Download AppZapper full version free

AppZapper actually cost mac users $12.95 from the developer. However, you could download AppZapper full version for free from this share:

2. AppDelete

AppleDelete free download

This uninstaller utility tool seems to be similar to AppZapper. However, in different features, AppDelete remove both Applications but also Widgets, Preference Panes, Plugins, and Screensavers along with their associated files. With AppDelete, your disk space is freed up affectively.

How to remove mac apps with AppDelete in OS X El Capitan?

Mac users can remove apps and related data by the 2 common ways. You just either drag and drop apps into the AppDelete framework or browse all apps and extensions to select which apps need to remove.

Remove Mac Apps with AppDelete

Download AppDelete full version free

AppDelete costs mac users $7.99 for the license from the Reggieashworth. However, the full version is shared free to download.

3. iTrash

Download free iTrash

This uninstaller application uses a special search algorithm (Levenshtein Distance algorithm) to delete completely apps and all all related files. This app impresses mac user by Lost Files featureThis feature enables you to find related files that are obsolete (Application is not pressent anymore). Because it is very difficult to ensure every listed item is 100% obsolete, it is recommended to check all files. In general it will give you a indication which files can be deleted.

How delete apps with iTrash

Simple drag&drop actions, mac users just need to drop and app, plugin, widget wanted to remove in the working window. And then all related files and data will be showed in a list to be deleted.

Delete app with iTrash

Download iTrash full version free

iTrash costs 8 EUR for personal registration code from osxbytes, but the full version for free is shared to download here.

4. Mackeeper – smart uninstaller for Mac

mackeeper full version free download

Mackeeper is all in just one, a controversial utility for Mac OS X. Your Mac System would be secured, clean, reliable, and working even faster by the 4 main features of Mackeeper:

Mackeeper features

How to uninstall apps with Mackeeper in El Capitan?

Applications can be uninstalled completely. Large files, caches,… are also removed effectively. To start using this you need to click on Mackeeper Preferences. Now click the Advanced tab and then check Show System Applications in Smart Uninstaller.

How to uninstall apps with mackeeperYou now are able to select Smart Un-installer, choosing Scan button to see all the installed apps. Just find the apps you want terminate and click on Remove.

Mackeeper 1.8 pro full version free download

You could look at How to download and crack Mackeeper easily in 3 steps in our another topic.

5. CleanMyMac

Download CleanMyMac full version free

Probably 80% of mac users know about CleanMyMac. This utility tool is an amazingly simple application for cleaning up, deleting completely other apps, managing files and optimizing the Mac OS X system for speeding up. It could be considered as a common app that should not be missed in the top useful applications which should be used for Mac. This system utility tool has many features for cleaning your entire Mac. Not only large and unneeded files can be deleted, but also applications & extensions are managed effectively.

How to uninstall Apps with CleanMyMac?

From the interface of CleanMyMac, the Uninstaller is very visible. Just lick on that function.

Best Free Uninstaller for Mac
Best Free Uninstaller for Mac

Download CleanMyMac full version for free

Why do I classify CleanMyMac into one of the best Free Uninstaller for Mac even it costs quite expensive for the license key? Just because the full version of CleanMyMac 2.3 is shared for free download here.