CleanMyMac 3.5 now works well under new MacOS Sierra. It is supposed to scan then clean-up to free a ton of space in a safe way or optimize the System to speed up your Mac effectively.

Well, here we go.

What are news in CleanMyMac 3.5

  • It is compatible fully to MacOS Sierra
  • Fixed all issues that affected Live Photos in the previous version
  • UI glitch problem is solved on opening the app
  • Correct cleanup of Sierra-specific unified logs.
  • Minor stability improvements
  • Trash Bins cleanup and Shredder correctly support files stored on iCloud Drive.

Download CleanMyMac 3.5 Free

Get the direct download link here.

You are gonna face some common error on first launching this app such as: “CleanMyMac 3 can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” or “CleanMyMac is damaged and can’t be opened”, just follow the solution from this article to fix.

  • Alvar

    Thank You Friend!

  • Roy

    Its not working. Its damaged and can’t be opened. Showing message.

    • Look at the end of the article, we shared the solution already.

      • consuelo

        Same here!

      • Luis Gustavo Origa

        damaged here too, tried the solution,ither di’dnt work. tried ctrl + click > open, didn’t work e

        • Roy

          Work perfect. Thanks

  • Rain Mac

    system preferences/security and privacy/General/allow apps downloaded from anywhere

  • Rain Mac


  • Roy

    Thanks Luis Gustavo Origa, this solution work perfect

    open terminal and paste “sudo spctl –master-disable”
    it will show the anywhere again, after use, you can enable it back by “sudo spctl –master-enable”

    • Joao Junior

      this one works great to enable it on Sierra … what about the password request over and over ?

    • Lucas Limoni

      Thanks XD, you saved the day

  • consuelo

    Anyone having problems about constant password need? Even typing it, seams to be blocked…

  • Roy

    Don’t download this. Totally useless. Not working properly

  • consuelo

    Wait for a new version…. Already deleted… Worked so fine before…

  • consuelo

    any news?

  • Joao Junior

    Yes.. i found the fix on version 3.5.1 -)

  • Mohsin

    It is not working…

  • t11chb