CleanMyMac or Mackeeper, which one should we pick to clean-up and optimize the Mac? What actually makes differences between them? Look at the following comparison table for more specific details.

CleanMyMac 3 vs Mackeeper 2016

  • Main Features   
  • Description   
  • Beautiful and Smart Interface   
  • Simple to use - Finish tasks in less than 3 clicks   
  • Junk   
  • Mail Attachment   
  • Large & Old Files   
  • Trash Bin   
  • Shredder   
  • Smart Uninstaller   
  • Extensions   
  • Privacy   
  • Maintenance   
  • Duplicate Finder   
  • Memory Cleaner   
  • File Recovery   
  • Data Encryptor   
  • Login items   
  • Update Tracker   
  • Backup   
  • Internet Security   
  • Anti-Theft   
  • Trial   
  • Prices   
  • CleanMyMac 3
  • Clean, optimize, maintain, and monitors the health of your Mac by scanning every inch of your system, removing gigabytes of junk in just 2 clicks.
  • Scan & Clean-up System Junk
    Scan & Clean-up Photo Junk
    Scan & Clean-up Tunes Junk
  • Delete unwanted files or folders
  • Remove applications the right way
  • Remove or disable widgets, Application plugins, Login items, Preference Panes,...
  • Remove borrowing traces
  • Improves disk performance
    Resolves various application errors
    Improves search performance
  • Allows to clean up to 500 MB
    allows to use 3 of the Maintenance utilities
  • $39.95 - Single License
    $59.95 - License for 2 Macs
    $89.95 - License for 5 Macs
  • Mackeeper
  • MacKeeper is the cleaning, security, and optimization service with 16 tools to keep your Mac clean, protected, fast, and less complicated.
  • Remove unneeded part of Applications
    Remove System & user cache files
    Remove system & user log files
  • Rescue lost files
  • Hide private files in a safe place
  • Define which apps will startup during Mac's Login
  • Define out-of-date Applications
  • Data is safe with backup function
  • Protect the Mac from virus, spyware, malware on internet
  • Track location when the Mac gets lost or stolen
  • 15 day free trial in limited functions
  • $14.95 - Basic 1-month
    $59.64 - Standard 6-month
    $95.40 - Premium 12-month
    $118.8 - Premium 24-month
  • Functionality: All listed features indicates that CleanMyMac seems to be a better choice to just clean-up, optimize the system’s performance. However, MacKeeper comes with some more features that sound good: File Recovery, Data Encryptor, Internet Security and Anti-Theft.
  • Price: MacKeeper offers subscription plans for so much expensive cost ($95.40/year) relative to CleanMyMac 3 ($27.97).
  • Reviews from real users: Macpaw is actually gaining better reputation on CleanMyMac 3 product. In another hand, too many users including researchers give warn of that it’s totally unsafe for using MacKeeper. This app is even supposed to be a malicious software.

CleanMyMac vs MacKeepr – My pick

I personally hate the way MacKeeper promotes their product by spamming and pop-up everywhere on internet. That’s not a good marketing strategy for a professional company that create good products.

I actually bought CleanMyMac 3 to make my Mac light everyday. If I need to recover lost file, there are some free recovery apps such as Data Recovery Free can be helpful. If I need to protect my mac from virus, I would stand for Kaspersky Antivirus. Hopefully my review would help.


    i HATE MACKEEPER!!! Only because MacKeeper promotes their product by spamming and pop-up everywhere on internet. For me it’s a VIRUS!