Both CleanMyMac and Cocktail are system utilities to clean-up and optimize Mac OS X. What are differences between these paid application? And which one should we stand for? Look at the following CleanMyMac vs Cocktail comparison table for the answer.

CleanMyMac 3 vs Cocktail 9.2

  • Main Features   
  • Description   
  • Beautiful and Smart Interface   
  • Simple to use - Finish tasks in less than 3 clicks   
  • Junk   
  • Mail Attachment   
  • Large & Old Files   
  • Trash Bin   
  • Shredder   
  • Smart Uninstaller   
  • Extensions   
  • Privacy   
  • Maintenance   
  • Duplicate Finder   
  • Disk Utility   
  • Network   
  • Trial   
  • Prices   
  • CleanMyMac 3
  • Clean, optimize, maintain, and monitors the health of your Mac by scanning every inch of your system, removing gigabytes of junk in just 2 clicks.
  • Scan & Clean-up System Junk
    Scan & Clean-up Photo Junk
    Scan & Clean-up Tunes Junk
  • Delete unwanted files or folders
  • Remove applications the right way
  • Remove or disable widgets, Application plugins, Login items, Preference Panes,...
  • Remove borrowing traces
  • Improves disk performance
    Resolves various application errors
    Improves search performance
  • Allows to clean up to 500 MB
    allows to use 3 of the Maintenance utilities
  • $39.95 - Single License
    $59.95 - License for 2 Macs
    $89.95 - License for 5 Macs
  • Cocktail 9.2
  • Clean, repair and optimize - Cocktail is a system utility for OS X that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac
  • Ugly and too simple interface
  • Laggy and slow working in El Capitan
  • Clean system, font, DNS, apps, users, Internet caches
    Remove invisible DS Store, virtual memory swap, log, corrupted preference files
  • Check S.M.A.R.T. status
    Set disk sleep time
    Enable or disable journaling
    Force eject CD/DVD
  • Modify IP configuration parameters
    Optimize network settings
    Modify IP configuration parameters
    Configure File Sharing settings
  • Limited functions
  • $29 - Single License
    $59 - Family License
    $149 - Ten-Pack License

Cocktail comes with many features which are existing utilities in Mac OS X from Setting Conferences and Disk Utility. Ugly interface and missing safety notifications for anyone who decides to manually clean their Mac does not make any senses. Furthermore, It works slowly in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. This application should be free instead of high price for the license

CleanMyMac really impresses me by smart, organized and beautiful interface. It’s really a smart application. All clean-up and optimization options are selectable and can be accomplished in just 2 clicks. If you want to buy CleanMyMac3, you should not miss the 30% OFF discount page above.

  • Dawn Jones

    Cleanmymac is better.

  • Cindy Marino

    Cleanmymac for sure.